Kat Gee Brand Inspiration

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Kat Gee Brand Inspiration

Kat Gee designs are inspired by you and your busy lifestyle. We understand that jewellery needs to work in with your life and at the same time can add a touch of sparkle to your everyday look. From boardroom, ballroom to barbeque, Kat Gee has been designed to match many occasions with a simple switch. Just like you, Kat Gee is a multi-tasker that works overtime to bring you stylish basics that you can blend your way, therefore every design we do starts and ends with you.

Autumn/Winter 17 Colour Me Kagi Collection

Colour Me Kat Gee Collection has just burst into stores and online! A kaleidoscopic range than will brighten any day featuring a brand new Cascade!


Autumn/Winter 17 Winter Solstice Collection

Winter Solstice is our new dazzling mixed metals collection and our designers were heavily influenced by the astronomical phenomenon which inspires its name.