Can you prove the value of your Jewellery?

We offer onsite valuation services at very competitive prices. Our registered in-house valuer is equipped with knowledge gained from 60 years of jewellery experience. Our comprehensive jewellery valuation services include a full detailed report on your jewellery item, a photograph and of course a valuation at today’s current replacement price. Having your jewellery valued proves ownership and value which is essential and makes the process simpler should you need to make a claim with your insurance company Valuations & maintenance checks are some of the most important steps you can take in caring for your jewellery collection, We recommend updating these every few years.

Do you have broken or lost jewellery?

We provide a free estimate after loss quotation service and assist you when dealing with insurance companies. We are here to make the process as painless as possible as we understand how upsetting it can be to loose precious jewellery that holds significance and a special place in your heart . We know placing a claim can prove difficult so we simplify the process and make it as easy and painless as possible for you. we are here to assist you in the process from start to finish when placing claims and selecting your jewellery replacements even if your items were not purchased from us we are able to provide a replacement and an estimate.

Complete the form below to apply for an estimate after loss for insurance purposes.

We beleive in making this process as easy and painless as possible as we know how trying this time can be. Once this form is completed press ‘Send’ and a staff member will get to work on your Estimate After Loss, it is that easy! One of the girls in store will get to work on completing the paperwork to present to your insurance company when filing for a jewellery related claim and we will be in touch if any further information os required or to let you you know that your paperwork is completed!


  • What was the item?
  • What metal was it made out of (carat value if possible)
  • Did it have any stones? If so what were they and what shape and size  (diamonds may include grades and carat weight etc. )
  • If you have any photos of your item or any previous valuations please upload them in the media upload section of the form.