Custom jewellery design tells a unique story about the wearer

Our skilled team at Fishers Jewellers provide a very special custom jewellery design service. We will work with your dreams to create an incredibly beautiful jewellery piece that really is like no other. Whether we’e starting from scratch to handcraft that one of a kind ring, necklace or bracelet, or adapting existing family jewellery and heirlooms into personalised pieces, we can create bespoke jewellery to thrill your imagination.


Only The Beginning

At Fishers we like to stick with you from start to finish in the design process. We like to begin our design service with an in depth consultation to gather an understanding of what you are hoping to achieve within our custom design process. Essentially the purpose of the initial consultation is to get to know the client, the desired outcome and to make the rest of the process as exciting and pain-free as possible for you. If you can’t make it in to the showroom we are able to offer our design services in other formats that don’t require in-person consultations – again we like to make this as easy as possible for you! 

Beginning Your Custom Design

Once we have gotten to know you and what you were wanting to do in the way of your custom design we can start putting some design concepts together! We are here to guide you through this process and open you up to the endless possibilities that can be achieved within a bespoke design! Our design process begins with brainstorming existing rings to get a starting point and then adding unique features and design elements to make your one off design truly unique. From there you can decide whether you would like our designers to pull together a 2d sketch for you, or you can choose the option of having a CAD design drawn up – this is a 3d image that will give you an extremely accurate idea of the final outcome, we will modify these designs until you are 100% happy with your design!

Fishers Jewellers

Diamond Or Gem Selection

Now that we have a design in mind our team will select a variety of appropriate stones for you to view that fit both your design and your budget needs. We offer this as a complimentary service to give you an extremely clear idea of the final outcome of your design with no obligations. This also means you are involved every step of the way and your final jewellery piece is truly unique to you. If you are still unsure about the shape of the diamond or even the gem stone you would like to design your bespoke piece around, this part of the process can bring you a lot of clarification. We can present to you a selection of gem stones so you can have a very clear i comparison so you can walk away with confidence in your selected sparkle. 

The Crafting

Now that you are happy with your design our master jewellers will begin to work on your bespoke piece in our onsite workshop. We employ 3 skilled jewellers with impressive expertise, who are truly passionate about great jewellery. Our jewellers are an integral part of our team and advise on the technicalities of bespoke jewellery design, as well as performing exceptional craftsmanship. Our jewellers will work alongside with our design team to not only ensure your bespoke piece meets the design expectations you are after but to also ensure the design and crafting process is practical and able to withstand years of love. Learn more about our jewellers here.

Payment Options

Now that you have a piece you love we don’t want you to dread the payment. We have a few different payment options to make this experience as easy for you as possible. If you were wanting to take your item right away we offer a 12 month interest free payment plan with Gilrose Finance. This just requires a simple credit check and once this has been accepted your newly designed is yours to take home! We also offer a 3 month layby system in store. Our layby system is quick and easy to set up while you are in store, all you will need to do is pop in store to make regular payments, or if you cant make it in we also offer internet banking. 

View our past work

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If it’s time to create the jewellery you have dreamed of, we’d love to make it happen. Get in touch to talk about the bespoke jewellery you have in mind. Our team will be delighted to provide expert advice and insights, and our highly experienced in house jewellers can create whatever you can imagine!

Consult with our designers

Custom jewellery designers

Discover how affordable a custom jewellery design can be! At Fishers, our skilled jewellers are very experienced in jewellery design, and will work with you to create a truly unique piece of custom jewellery. We can use software to visualise your ideas, and will ensure you understand every step of the creation process. You can relax knowing that our custom jewellery design service will create exactly what you are imagining.

Imagine your perfect ring

Engagement ring design and custom wedding rings are all part of our bespoke jewellery design services. We are experts in diamond rings and can give you professional tips on choosing diamonds, ring settings and how to combine your engagement ring design with a complementary wedding ring style. Our jewellers are passionate about creating beautiful custom made wedding rings for both men and women.

Let’s discuss your custom jewellery design now

Please get in touch directly with our showroom team by phone on 09 438 3591 or reach out online – we are more than happy to provide advice and would love to hear your ideas for creating a custom jewellery piece for you or a loved one!