Custom jewellery design tells a unique story about the wearer

Our skilled team of Fishers Jewellers provide a very special custom jewellery design service. We will work with your dreams to create a seriously beautiful jewellery piece that really is like no other. From custom designed rings and necklaces to adaptations of family jewellery and heirlooms into personalised pieces, we can create bespoke jewellery to thrill your imagination.

“I was blown away by my absolutely stunning engagement ring and continue to fall in love with it more everyday. I couldn’t have ever dreamed of a ring so beautiful – or that it would be mine!”

If it’s time to create the jewellery you have dreamed of, we’d love to make it happen. Get in touch to talk about the bespoke jewellery you have in mind. Our team will be delighted to provide expert advice and insights, and our highly experienced in house jewellers can create whatever you can imagine!

Consult with our designers

Custom jewellery designers

Discover how affordable a custom jewellery design can be! At Fishers, our skilled jewellers are very experienced in jewellery design, and will work with you to create a truly unique piece of custom jewellery. We can use software to visualise your ideas, and will ensure you understand every step of the creation process. You can relax knowing that our custom jewellery design service will create exactly what you are imagining.

Imagine your perfect ring

Engagement ring design and custom wedding rings are all part of our bespoke jewellery design services. We are experts in diamond rings and can give you professional tips on choosing diamonds, ring settings and how to combine your engagement ring design with a complementary wedding ring style. Our jewellers are passionate about creating beautiful custom made wedding rings for both men and women.

Bespoke engagement rings for truly original love stories

Discover our bespoke engagement ring designs and make your proposal and wedding rings unique.


Let’s discuss your custom jewellery design now

Please get in touch directly with our showroom team by phone on 09 438 3591 or reach out online – we are more than happy to provide advice and would love to hear your ideas for creating a custom jewellery piece for you or a loved one!